Tigrayans with the stars 

Those light of phones at the top of the mountains appears each night looking for a connection. Many like Molo, 21 years old Tigroan, sits at the foot of the mountain while talking to his friend on the phone, who is in another camp in eastern Sudan “I do not have any news from my family, especially my mother. Many people inside the camp supported me morally, but on Eid night for me, there is no holiday until I can get news from my family that I miss them a lot. When I got out of Tigray, I only had the clothes to wear. I really hope that we will get news from inside the area about our relatives and loved ones "

Women Tigrayans watch from the window the "Kidase" ceremony lasts all night before Orthodox Christmas.
The faithful stay awake to commemorate the expectation of the birth of Jesus.
Early on January 7, Ethiopian Orthodox Christmas Day, refugees from Um Rakuba camp gather in front of the church, located about fifteen minutes away walk, to celebrate the birth of Christ.

By day, Asafabrakda 45 years a displaced Tigran plays music surrounded by people as a way of celebrating, where Maikal 22 years makes a tattoo of his name's mother "Sesenn, I arrived here a month ago, and I do not know where is my mother, either alive or died, I lose her contact since the attack on my city" he says

Others on the camp cuts hair. Meanwhile, Filmer 17 years old Tigroan plays football with other displaced children. Where some people holding umbrellas for sun protection, The temperatures in the camp reach over 40 during the day.

By night People and immigrants mostly children watch the television during the only two hours of electricity per day.

Pictures for Getty Images in the city of Um Rakuba on January 2021.