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The Unhoped-for End to the Siege

Up until a late moment in March 2018, airstrikes were hitting the villages of Eastern Ghouta on a daily basis, a terrorizing and destructive rate that has not been seen throughout the years of the siege - since 2013. 

In under 60 days, the landmarks of the cities and villages changed completely with the destruction in mosques, hospitals, and schools. the shelling was a form of collective punishment to everyone living inside the siege, and as a lesson to other rebellious neighborhoods and cities. During this period, innocent people could not leave the shelters to secure their daily needs because of their deep fear from the constant shelling. some died in shelters trying to protect themselves. 

The little pocket of Eastern Ghouta that was under the control of opposition brigades and some Islamist factions was reason enough for the Syrian regime to mobilize its huge military apparatus - supported by Russian airstrikes - to kill thousands of innocent civilians using all kinds of munitions. Eventually, a large section of fighters and civilians were forcefully evacuated to Northern Syria, after an unfair deal that displaced more than 60 thousand residents from their homes and lands.

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