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Four children still alive at that time

Well, it was a crazy day like other days back then, I was sitting by my house when the warplanes launched a strike dropping four missiles, very close to my place. As always, I grabbed my camera and rushed to the place.

When I arrived, I couldn't see anything though the smoke. Suddenly, an old man shouted at me telling there is a child pinned beneath the debris but still alive.I handed my camera to my friend who was standing next to me and saved the child.I tried to save another two kids.Through those moments, I had a brain freeze, I do not know from where all that energy came or how I handled the situation. All I know, without thinking, is that I could bring the two children out and that they were alive.I thought that everything that happened was only for a few seconds, but actually it was an half an hour.

The intensity of the shelling prevented the rescue teams from reaching the area on time.However, when the Civil Defense members arrived, they told me to take a break and they will continue rescuing a child whom I was, that moment, holding from one of his legs as he was crying and trembling with fear. I kept telling the child not to cry and “you will stay a live”.

Then I took my camera to my hands and all I thought was to take only one shot. One shot to remind me and to show the world what happened in that place. It was cheerful to see the four children come out alive. I shot this photo that was one of the best photos of 2018, and it was unlike most of my photos that reflect death.This photo is one of the few that when I look at it, I smile happily, because I could do something to help those children at the same time no one could stop the killings. For the peace, for the justice, for the change and for future without crimes

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